How to setup your own Shop and start selling!

Everyone of us has dreamed about his little Store i guess.

Working from Home - maybe in the Garage - recieving Orders every Day... not to much to get stressed or to get rich, but enough to get a stable Income. And maybe, who knows - one Day i'll make a big Business out of it...

How many of you have done it? Not so much i guess, neither i did :(

But why? Why didn't i get this Dream i had and made it? Was it to complicated? To much Work? Probably a sort of all together...

I found a nice Way to get at least the technical Stuff a little less Pain in the Ass.

Using Drophost i can create a webspace with only one Click. Once created there's a small Icon in the upper right Corner which lets me install WordPress with one-Click. That's it, we're already done.

When i go to my Webspace now i can see the WordPress Setup Interface, which guides me through the most important Settings to make. After a few Seconds i can login and do what it really makes nice: setup my own Store :)

There are plenty Plugins and Themes you can use, i decided to go with WooCommerce. Its one of the most versatile and complete Plugins ever made, and i can choose from a big Pool of Themes, free or premium.

So what are you waiting for?

P.S.: Take a look at Ghosted if you need a Blog ;)